Biotherapeutic Drainage & Unda Drainage


Biotherapeutic Drainage

Biotherapeutic drainage is available in this practice because it effectively accomplishes detoxification with little if any aggravation.  Biotherapeutic drainage is a process in which the body is detoxified by opening the emunctories (skin, intestines, lungs, kidneys and bladder) allowing the discharge of toxic accumulations.  Drainage is used when our organs and tissues become insufficient not only from poor diet choices, insufficient sleep, stress, lack of exercise, chemical exposure, but also from our own cellular waste, free radical oxidation and chronic inflammation.  All cells in the body require a specific environment with particular nutrients, an exact pH and proper elimination of wastes to survive and function properly.  These need to be taken into account when moving towards optimal health.

Unda Drainage

Unda drainage numbers used are a unique combination of the purest homeopathic formulas in the world.  The botanical preparations and metals in each formula form a unique remedy that is different from any single remedy.  They are also the only combination remedies that are based on miasmatic theory.  Homeopathy, also an energetic medicine, provides information to the organism that attempts the re-establishment of homeostasis.